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A-Main Roofing Contractors,Our Vision & Mission, Are to provide "properly" installed roofing products, systems, components ect. Roofs installed slowly done not our way but the proper way. Methods set by either the manufacturer, National Roofing Codes, or Equivelent Belive or not there are exact instructions methods and recomendations on every detail. Unfornunatly over time the standards have gone down. Most rooifing Contractors are just focused on the money. Some may come in and tell you that they have been doing this for 30 years but havnt been on a roof in 25 years. Relying on there highly marketed reputation from the past when standards were up, products were meant to last and brands wanted there stuff to outlast the rest.  We offer a full line of top brands and we are highly educated on excactly how each product is meant  to be used, when to use it, and why. How it applies to your unique situation based on the desighn and configuration of your home. So if your roofing contractor tells you he always does this or that he must be used to working on mass produced mobil homes because usually no two houses are the same.. We will spend the time it takes to ensure you get the performance and look. We have studied roofing products ,methods,procedures and have the credentials to proove it from all top brands. We have slowed things down retrained our staff in our training center by the book. At the same time we have brang Sexy into Roofing as well. Your roof can so much more than just a way to keep the water out. We will go over the many different styles and options that we have untill we are certain that you will be proud of your new roof. And at a price of a used car why not enhance your home, increase your pride of ownership, restore curb appeal and stand out a little. All our work comes with stout product and worknmanship warranties. Standard installs or Our popular Signature series roofs with custom open W style valleys and matching trim choice of any color. High end desighner shingles or even standing seem steel. Just call and set up a free estimate and compare for yourself!

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