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A-Main Construction & Roofing Contractors

A-Main Construction & Roofing Contractors LLC, We are local second generation contractors with a "mission & vision"  to increase standards in roofing,water-proofing & top of the house insulation & air sealing.  We do this with a transparent honest approach, we edjucate home owners,property managers, first time buyers & buisness owners. So that they can make a wise choice when choosing a contractor to help them through there roofing or insulation project. Reguarless if they choose us or not. Our knowledge is combined with years of experiance in the feild, along with a long list of certifications gained through countless hours of training and advanced edjucation. We are credentialed with many top brands. We are not sales people that proclaim to be experts, growing up the son of general contractor ive seen enough to know whats what,  we dont use our reputation of years past to influence others as to our current practices. We have great warranty power and forward it to all the customers we can. We follow industry standards and current best practices. We like to use premium products but we offer em all. We offer custom options available.  So for a free consultation you owe it to yourself to call A-Main Today  

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